Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health affects our overall wellness and it’s important that we take care of ourselves in all aspects. Often times mental health is neglected because it’s a topic that’s not openly talked about. There are different things we can incorporate into our lifestyle to help our overall well being.

One way that can help mental health is animal companionship. Having a pet or support animal has several benefits. In Psychology Today, Adi Jaffe stated mental illness can leave people socially isolated. Having a pet can help that feeling of isolation by giving affection and companionship without judgment. In addition, a pet dog can encourage being active, exercising, and getting outdoors. Animal companionship can help those struggling with mental health for those that don’t have family and friends available. Lastly, taking care of pets can give one a routine and structure to their days.

Another way to help mental health is having a balance between work and life. Working long hours and not being able to see your family and friends can contribute to stress and mental health issues. Improving work-life balance can be done by not thinking of work when you’re not working. For example, turning off electronic notifications like your work phone or work emails if you can. It’s important to make time for yourself when you’re off the clock. Having a good balance with your work will help your overall wellness. Taking care of yourself physically and making time for the things you enjoy will improve that balance.

Lastly, recreation can positively affect our mental health. Recreation isn’t just limited to physical activity like the gym. It can include hobbies and interests such as social recreation, creative activities, or physical activity. Adi Jaffe includes examples of recreation including bowling, playing chess, writing, music, painting, swimming, and running. All of these enhance social, psychological, and physical well-being. Overall, there are many benefits to recreational activities. It can increase self-esteem, mindfulness, social skills, a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishment, etc.  

By Thavary Mam

Monica Manuel