In the frenetic pace of our modern world creating and sustaining healthy relationships can feel impossible for women. The stress of a career and workload, family responsibilities, communication issues, trust, and other challenges can reduce the health of an intimate relationship.  Once the honeymoon stage ends and reality begins all relationships face difficulty. How you and your partner respond to the situation will ultimately determine whether your union will be a healthy and lasting one. 

Regardless of the challenge your partnership may face, relational therapy can help you identify and enhance the natural strengths of your relationship and repair or establish relational bonds.  While many issues are addressed the primary goal of relational therapy is to heal, strengthen and enhance self-love and acceptance.

Common Concerns

  • Infidelity

  • Abandonment

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Intimacy

  • Trust Issues

  • Social Compatibility

  • Autonomy

  • Power and Control

  • Family and Household Responsibilities

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How can counseling help?

Counseling can help you develop a fuller and more accurate view of yourself that includes emotional processing, greater awareness of your strengths and how to change destructive relational habits.  At Joie de Vivre women learn about their perception of self in relation to others, explore unconscious aspects of themselves and learn how to set realistic interpersonal expectations and boundaries during the therapeutic process.  Through counseling you will learn how to finally stop repeating problematic relationships patterns and begin establish to more meaningful loving relationships with yourself and others.