Holistic Health Services For women

Joie de Vivre Counseling and Therapy is a private practice dedicated to helping women live happier more fulfilling lives through counseling and holistic services that support the health of the mind and body to bring growth and healing.  We practice a holistic approach to health and wellness and look at how all areas of life are connected.  Sessions are tailored to support the challenges women face by treating mental and general health problems through counseling and lifestyle coaching.  Joie de Vivre offers integrative services such as, nutritional education, fitness training, nature therapy, biofeedback, and mindfulness to help women live a healthier lifestyle and cope with daily challenges.  We provide ongoing support and guidance to help set realistic goals and make lasting changes.  Each treatment program is personalized and designed to empower women to be their best selves and find joy in living.



There are many stress inducing factors in the life of a woman and daily routines can become complicated.  Everyday women are faced with challenges that cause stress and emotional pain.  At Joie de Vivre we believe that life does not have to be so complicated.  Our team of experienced staff use counseling and holistic informed services to help women thrive and reach their fullest potential.  We offer a safe and nonjudgmental place where women can heal and find emotional renewal.  At Joie de Vivre your voice is heard, your wisdom is honored, and together we will take your chosen path towards greater health and wellness.

Welcome to Joie de Vivre Counseling and Therapy.  Welcome to your safe space.