Having a family member or friend come out to you can be a challenging time for you and for them as well. It can be a learning experience on how to accept them and cope with your emotions. There are several ways that you can show your love one you’re accept them:

  • Understand They’re the Same Person.

When first coming to terms with someone who has come out, the important part to know is that they are still the same person you have known throughout the years. Your daughter is still your daughter no matter what her sexual orientation is. The memories you have with her have not changed and your view of her should not either. With them disclosing this information to you, they are trusting you with something that can be hard to open up and talk about. By giving them the love and acceptance they deserve this can strengthen the relationship.

  • Educate Yourself.

When you first learn that someone is a part of the LGBTQ community, it can be hard not to think of stereotypes that come with the term. It is important to understand that how someone expresses themselves is not based on the sexual orientation. If a man is interested in the fashion industry, it is not safe to assume that he is gay. A crucial element when accepting someone is learning the correct vs. incorrect terms to use around them. These are some statements or terms that should be avoided: 

·That’s so gay

·Gay lifestyle

· Disordered

  • Support System.

By supporting your family member or friend this can allow your relationship to grow. There are many positive things you can do that shows the person that you support them. This can be correcting someone who makes a derogatory remark and explain to them how it can be hurtful to that person. If someone is transgender, it can be a simple task of going to a doctor’s appointment with them. With someone going through a transition in life, it can make a huge difference in their mental health if they feel they have the right people that are supporting their decision.

Monica Manuel