10 Tips on How to Be Confident in an Interview


Being confident in an interview can help you feel more comfortable and make a good first impression. By following these 10 steps it can help you feel relaxed and poised during the interview process:

1. Eye Contact: Having eye contact is a vital part in the interview process. Having eye contact with the interviewer can show them that you are confident in your answers and in yourself. If you are staring at the ground or above the interviewer this shows that you are nervous and are intimidated.

2. Firm Handshake: Having a firm handshake can show the interviewer that you are serious about the job and you’re composed and collected. It is a good idea to practice with friends or family before your first interview.

3. Think Before you Speak: When interviewing it is a good idea to fully listen to the question and think about your answer before responding to the interviewer. Do no hesitate to pause before answering to think clearly about the answer you’re about to give.

4. Know What you Want: Before interviewing for the position know exactly what you want out of the job and let the interviewer know that. If you care about the position and show interest this shows that you are serious about the opportunity.

5. Do Not Squirm: Fidgeting around in an interview can show the interviewer that you’re nervous and uneasy. Avoid tapping your feet or your hands. Try to take a take deep breath if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed in the interview process.

6. Practice Beforehand: One of the best things you can do before an interview to help yourself feel confident is to feel prepared. To help yourself feel ready practice with a family member or friend just like you did for your handshake. Research common interview questions and have them pretend to be the interviewer. By doing this you are going into the interview composed and confident.

7. Gain Knowledge about the Company: Before going to the interview make sure to research the company you’re interviewing for. Know the company values and the important central players of that organization. By doing this it can show the interviewer that you’re serious about this job and have done your homework.

8. Smile: Showing that you have enthusiasm and are engaged in the interview can show a lot about the person. Although it can be a nerve-racking experience try to have fun with it. If you are showing the nervousness in your face by frowning or looking distracted this can show the interviewer that you may not be interested in the position.

9. Think Positive about Yourself: One of the first things you should do when in an interview is to assure yourself that you do deserve to be there. They called you for a reason and that reason is that they saw something in you and you can be a good fit for the position.

10. Dress to Impress: The last way to feel confident in an interview is to be feel confident in your outer appearance. If you feel confident on the inside it should reflect on the outside to. This can even mean going shopping for a new blouse which can even help you get excited about the interview. I mean who doesn’t love shopping? It can help you calm your nerves about the interview and in the end make you feel confident in yourself which is the most important thing.

Monica Manuel