Optimizing Mental Health by Adding More Exercise

Mental health can be improved in many ways to get the maximum positive impact on life. The impact of physical exercise has already been proved to elevate mood. The mind and the body can work together to create a balance that positively increases the mental state. By making exercise a part of a daily routine, it can increase the volume of certain brain regions which improves the oxygen delivery process overall. Specific neurohormones help growth of neurons and promotes stronger neuron signaling. Maintaining a regular workout routine can maintain mental health as a person’s age increases. Recent studies in animals have shown that exercise leads to the creation of new neurons in the hippocampal region. Neurons in the hippocampus region have the main function of separating new and old memories. Through the process of neurogenesis, these neurons allow a level of flexibility to help process new information that the brain obtains. Staying physically active not only keeps mental health at good levels but can also prevent physical health from deteriorating. By integrating mental and physical health, there is more scope to optimize and get the most benefits.

Monica Manuel