Don't Forget to Breathe

I will not say life is hard because it is not meant to be. Life is meant to be filled with experiences, happiness and growth and once you master the mindset and life you want for yourself it is said to actually be quite simple. Which all sounds really easy but is it? I think everyone can agree that life can be very overwhelming! As a young adult, our lives are consumed with classes, work, internships, studying and the desire to still hang out and attend social functions with our friends and family but when do we have ME time? When we sleep? That is not enough and unfortunately sleep is not me time.

During our compacted day we must take a step back and not forget to breathe. It is highly recommended that everyday for at least ten minutes, you should stop everything and do something you enjoy rather it is reading a few pages in your book, writing a journal entry, doing yoga or clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. You might be thinking well that is easy, it is just ten minutes. I can surely do something I enjoy every day. However, truthfully it does take a conscious effort. It has to become a routine and pattern.

You must train yourself to take time out for self-wellness and the sooner the better! Once you become consistent in taking time out your day for me time, throughout your day you tend to feel a difference of how you handle certain circumstances. For example, if you are a goal setter and put a deadline to anything you do not just work or assignments, you often will feel a rush of anxiety and disappointment if you do not do as well or meet your deadline. However, when you take me time or become consistent in your self-wellness, your overall mindset changes. You become more kind to yourself, you become more aware and optimistic of circumstances and situations and learn to handle failure, change and the unexpected more calmly. Journaling or yoga may not be your forte, maybe a mindfulness class or book club and discussion is better. Whatever works for you, find it, stick to it and start to take care of you!

Alexis Adams

Monica Manuel