The Keys to Genuine Happiness

What is genuine happiness? Is it composed of the “things” you own or desire? Is it finally getting that new job, earning that 4.0, asked on a date by the crush you have admired for months or the new purse you have saved up for? Happiness does not revolve around things we desire; true happiness is internal and starts within. According to Dr. Suzanne Degges White of Psychology Today there are four key factors that one should practice daily to create a culture of happiness in their lives.


Sometimes it is hard to meet new people. As individuals we experience everyday responsibilities and struggles that causes us to put meeting new people and creating new experiences on the back burner. However, having friends are extremely important, they are there to help uplift and support you. When you are open to creating new friendships and spreading kindness you are stepping out your comfort zone and allowing more pleasure to enter your life.


For majority of people, it is difficult to be optimistic when it feels like your world is crashing around you, when everything that could have possibly gone wrong does. The last thing you probably want to do is smile. If you were thinking about giving up, don’t! Smile instead. It is stated that smiles are contagious and when you smile you are letting go of exhaustion and frustration. When someone offers you a genuine smile or vice versa the energy is reflected, your perception has changed, and your day is brightened.


Showing compassion to others positively influences the giver. When we are having a rough day or going through personal situations we are not on our “A” game, we are forgetful, tired and emotional. Yet, when someone takes the time out of their day to show compassion and understanding we instantly feel better. The act of compassion is a key because it truly brings peace of mind to one’s heart.


 When you wake up every morning there is at least five things you should be grateful for. When you are grateful and appreciative of the little things, you are creating a habit of finding the good in any stressful, unhappy or uncomfortable situation. You also will find yourself speaking things into existence and changing your outlook.

  By: Alexis Adams


Monica Manuel