We spend so much of our day stressed out and overwhelmed. We feel burnt out and wish we had more balance in our life. We find it difficult to focus, and we’re so scattered with our attention it seems like we’re not even present for our own life! We wish we could find more ease and joy.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us live with greater calm, ease, and balance. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate skills that are essential for human living: we learn to pay attention, calm down, and nurture joy. We make time for our own self-care in the middle of our busy days.

Mindfulness focuses on the present, allowing the individual to observe themselves and their experiences without judgment.  Mindfulness is an effective treatment for those suffering from trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and other conditions that have led to emotional suppression. 

In cultivating a practice of mindfulness, the individual learns to quiet the inner judge - accepting emotions and thoughts that would otherwise be ignored or suppressed.  This process allows for the deeper recognition of the self.


A typical mindfulness coaching session includes:

  • A moment for us to check in.
  • Time for you to ask any questions about your mindfulness practice, or about anything that is difficult for you right now that you’re hoping mindfulness could help you with
  • A 10-minute guided meditation just for you, based on what you are working with in your life right now.
  • Time to reflect on, discuss, and process the guided meditation.
  • Creating a practice plan for the upcoming week and discussing how you will stick to your intentions
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