Why do I Need a Nutritional Coach?

With so much information bombarding us about diet and eating plans, wouldn’t it be great to have an expert available who could help you determine the right plan for your needs, goals and lifestyle? A nutritional consultant can provide those services to get and keep you on track to improved heath.  In addition, the education and experience of a licensed consultant in nutrition or dietetics gives them the background required to determine any existing health barriers and offer dietary suggestions. 

What is the Process?
The process starts with an initial consultation so that an individualized plan can be developed for your specific health needs.  A nutritional consultant will help you create an eating plan that promotes healthy metabolism, good immune response, and a healthy body weight. This includes discussing and analyzing your current eating habits, while also educating you on the importance of specific foods and nutrients.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation?
During the initial appointment, your nutritional consultant will gather information about your presenting concerns, explore your history, what you are looking for, and will start to uncover the underlying causes of any specific symptoms.  Your consultation is the time to discuss any bothersome issues like digestive complaints, unexplained weight gain, or even fatigue.

While you may not think that certain things like fatigue or headaches are linked to food, more times than not they can be linked back to the foods you eat.  Your nutritional consultant will use this time to develop a plan of action to help get you on the right track to better health.

What Happens Next?
After your consultation, the nutritionist will work with you using a plan tailored to your unique dietary and health goals.  You can work with the nutritionist for a length of time until you are comfortable with the dietary changes you have implemented. It is a great idea to check back in with your nutritionist to re-evaluate your progress after reaching your initial goals.

Monica Manuel