Five Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Back-to-School

When it comes to that time of year for back-to-school preparations, some children are excited and others are filled with nervousness and anxiety. Moms can also experience these emotions as their children transition into the next level of their schooling. Every family approaches the back-to-school preparations differently, but there are certain key activities that you can carry out to make the process one that is smooth and exciting. Here are five tips that can help you prepare your kids for heading back to school.

Re-establish a Routine
The summer break was a time of relaxing and not having a care about the rigors of school life. As it gets closer to the school term, it is essential to get back into the school routine rhythm. Start with gradually reverting to school bedtime, and waking up and having breakfast at the same time daily, like your kids would when school is in session. Children of all ages are more likely to handle the new schedule if they know what to expect.

Shop For School Supplies Together
Shopping together for school supplies is a great way to get your little ones excited about starting a new grade. Give them a little bit of freedom to choose certain items, like a backpack and lunchbox. Print a copy of your child’s school supply list and go shopping early so you can scour for the best deals that can save you money. Your kids can be your helpers, checking items off the supply list as they are found. This way shopping can be more efficient, interactive and fun overall.

Set-Up a New Homework Station
Good study habits are easier to build when kids have a dedicated and attractive spot to hit the books. Older children and teens especially thrive when having a study space to call their own. Choose a place that is quiet enough for your child to concentrate and avoid distractions like the television or play areas. Get them involved in selecting trays, storage boxes, and more to organize school supplies. Create an area to showcase their art, homework assignments, and keepsakes, such as on a ladder, bookshelf, or large cork-board for a personal touch.

Keep Things Positive
Not all children are excited about going back to school, and so, it is imperative that positivity is maintained throughout the process. A lack of excitement doesn’t mean that your kids hate everything about school. Focus on the things that they like, be it recess, meeting new students, music class, the opportunity to play sports or join a new club. Visit the school early to familiarize your child with the  spaces they will spend the majority of their time. If possible, find an opportunity to meet the teacher together and encourage your child to ask simple questions.

Prepare Emotions
Let your kid know why learning is important and how it can be fun, and allow him or her to share feelings of anxiety, never forgetting to acknowledge feelings, and offer simple ways to ease the anxiety. Ultimately it’s a wonderful thing that your child will be developing and learning, but it’s definitely a whole new grade and a new world.

While school preparations can be stressful, as a mother you can make the process much easier for yourself and your children. Start with re-establishing a routine, shop for school supplies, set up a new  homework station with your kids, stay positive and honor their feelings.

Monica Manuel