How the Correct Relationship Can Improve Self-Growth

Research has shown that the correct relationships can positively impact mental health. Having strong bonds can release a number of neurochemicals that make you feel good. The qualities of a correct relationship should include having a partner that allows you freedom to seek out new opportunities that can lead to a journey of self-growth which allows both people in the relationship to flourish. The correct partner would be understanding and will not hold the other person back in the relationship. In some heterosexual relationships the women will often be in the position to compromise while the man does not. This type of power dynamic is not helpful for either person and more often than not can make the woman feel stuck in the relationship as she does not feel as she is growing as a person. The suitable dynamic would be where both people in the relationship are secure individually and then bring the best of their characteristics to the relationship which makes it beneficial to both people and allows room for personal growth.

While finding the correct relationship, it is good to keep in mind that while it is sometimes okay to compromise, this may hinder the relationship in the future. Many times, after the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship is over the real characteristics come out and this can negatively impact both people and this creates setbacks. Dealing with these characteristics that come out later in a supportive way that allows growth can allow for a flourishing relationship. Coming up with ways to deal with conflict in a relationship can in the end prove to be a factor that brings couples closer together rather than creating a distance that eventually could end in separation. The ultimate goal in being a relationship is creating a permanent partnership that can survive any conflict while being able to celebrate success that eventually lead to a personal growth development. that makes both people in the relationship happy and successful.

Angela Jetty

Monica Manuel