Bespoke Wellness

Joie de Vivre signature programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual with immersive and transformative results. Bespoke wellness visits come complete with fresh flowers and fragrant candles to commence your specially designed program of treatment. At Joie de Vivre you will find a welcoming and warm, atmosphere during your stay.


A Personal Wellness Program sets you on the path to recovery and renewal, and we continue to support this after your session ends. Afterwards, you are invited to touch base by virtual appointment as you integrate your treatment into your lifestyle. Wellness programs are bespoke in-depth and typically last a month in duration. To begin your wellness journey, we evaluate your health, understand your preferences, and design a personalized routine. Programs can be designed as a mix of treatments offered by Joide de Vivre such as Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Yoga and others, and are curated by Joie de Vivre practitioners.

We are delighted to now offer the Bespoke Wellness programs as listed below.



Dhyana is the state of pure Atma, which is consciousness and self-awareness. This program helps in the process of self-realization by gaining more control over physical and mental facilities and balancing oneself emotionally as well as spiritually. The process involves learning to restore energy flow in the body, reducing stress, and rejuvenate the mind.


The Stress Management Program focuses on a healthy lifestyle which aims at minimizing stress, creating positive changes and promoting synergy in your life. The comprehensive program incorporates various balance yoga asanas, psychotherapies, aromatherapy, and other comprehensive healing experiences that result in a balance of mind, body and soul.



To find out more about booking a Wellness Program, please call (770) 325-2443 or email using our contact form so we can call you to speak about what you require and how we can help.


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