Concierge Services

Does your employment, status, or lifestyle prevent you from seeking traditional therapy due to the compromise that it presents regarding your privacy and confidentiality? Do you have a complicated issue not easily or well addressed by traditional therapy? If so, private concierge services are a perfect fit for you!

In addition to providing evidence-based and clinically innovative services, our behavioral health practitioners also provide services that are flexible and tailored to your individualized needs. We can collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan that includes phone, online communities and internet support in addition to traditional in-office appointments or out-of-office appointments at a location of your choice to include the luxury of your own home. Joie de Vivre Concierge operates 7 days a week to include evening and weekend appointments. In addition, our practitioners are available to you by cell phone and/or email on a 24/7 basis.

Private concierge services are provided through a private pay system or direct-pay business model. Services can be paid on an annual contract basis, month-to-month, or pay as you go basis (fee-for-service). You decide how often you are seen in a given week or month. We are here to assist you with any and every issue related to our area of expertise and your behavioral health concerns. We are here to support you!

What are the benefits of concierge services?

Many clients choose concierge services not only because of the enormous flexibility, accessibility, support and flexible payment schedules, but also because it offers the highest level of confidentiality because it prevents a medical record with insurance companies or government agencies. Private concierge services are a perfect fit for those who do not want to rely on insurance companies and desire the luxury of services provided on-call in a location of your choice. All services are discreet and if you prefer in-office appointments, our office is located in an inconspicuous location upholding the highest level of privacy for all of our clients. Therefore the nature of your visit will not be prominent to the casual observer or the media.