chronic illness & Pain

The burden of chronic illness and pain is more than physical: a chronic condition can permeate every layer of a woman's life, causing stress and anxiety, social isolation, relational issues, and the inability to work or pursue a career.  Chronic illness and pain robs the chance to live a happy and whole life.  The emotional trauma caused by a chronic condition can be debilitating. 

You may wonder:

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Am I to blame for my condition?
  • Will I ever be happy again?
  • Will my pain detract from other areas of my life?
  • Will I become a burden to others?

Joie de Vivre wants you to know that rebuilding a life after diagnosis is possible with support and care management.  We know that women suffering from chronic pain have the same hopes and aspirations as any other woman, and we are keenly aware of how chronic illness and pain can detract from those dreams.  The Joie de Vivre team is here to help you pave a new path towards physical and mental well being.