Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of physiological function through the use of computer sensors that provide information on heart rate, skin conductance, and blood pressure.  Gradually with the help of a biofeedback clients learn to detect and control their physiological functions to improve health and physical performance.  Over time, change endures without the continued use of biofeedback treatment.

Biofeedback treatment may be used to reduce stress, relieve chronic pain, insomnia, headaches and other medical conditions.  Biofeedback utilizes noninvasive treatment and does not involve surgery.  It can help to reduce potential medical risks and undesirable side effects.  Biofeedback is a suitable treatment for those who wish to avoid medication, such as pregnant women.

During treatment, sensors are placed on the fingertips or ear lobes to gather information on heart rate, breath rate, and skin conductance.  This information is processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor in the form of various activities which are controlled by your body signals.  You will learn how to control stress, anxiety, and emotions by observing the movement on the monitor screen.  Individuals receiving biofeedback treatment report increased motivation to take an active role in caring for their personal health and improved self-efficacy.

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